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    Tour type: Daily Tour
    Duration: Daily Tour
    Maximum number of people: 30
    Location: KAŞ, ÜÇAĞIZ & KEKOVA

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      If you want to see Kekova at the same time you want to swim a lot and enjoy a little, this tour is for you. Kekova region has managed to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists both with its natural beauty and historical texture. Besides its magnificent bays, Kekova batıkşehri and Aperlai batık City play an important role in increasing interest in the region. During the Kaş Kekova boat tour, you can swim in the magnificent bays of the Kekova region and also explore the historical shipwreck and Simena Kaleköy.

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      For our Kekova boat tour, we move to the village of Üçağız, which is called the gate of Kekova region with Kaş tan vehicles at 10:00 in the morning. After a short transfer of 30 minutes passing through the villages, we move to our boat waiting at the Port of Üçağız village and our boat leaves the port around 10:40. In our glass-based tour boat tour, we visit a total of 8 points. 5 of these eight points are bays and these bays are; Aquarium Bay, Shipyard Bay, Gokkaya Bay, Burc Bay and Adalar Bay. Other places are Simena, batıkşehir and pirate cave. Simena is a historical village and its current name is Kaleköy, there is no road transport to this historical village and transportation is only done through denzi. We will spend a period of 1 hour in the historical village of Kaleköy (Simena). Our guests can visit the castle at the top of the village and spend time in the charming cafes in the village. Another place in our tour is the Sunken City, while our boat passes very slowly, you will receive historical information about the region and the sunken city by our professional guide. The Pirate cave, the natural miracle of the Kekova region, is the habitat of endangered Mediterranean seals, our boat will stop by here on our tour and you will witness this natural beauty. In our tour, meals are presented as open buffet, we will serve you 5 kinds of appetizers prepared from delicious appetizers of Mediterranean cuisine with grilled chicken cooked on barbecue. Our Kekova boat tour, which starts at 10:00 in KAS, will end at 18:00. There is absolutely no music broadcast on our boat. Our boat does not receive guests at full capacity. Max. the number of people is 60% of our passenger capacity.

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