Kaş/Antalya, Turkey

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After Oludeniz, Kaş is one of the best places to do tandem paragliding in Turkey. The dramatic mountains rising just behind Kaş provides wonderful conditions for paragliding. It’s literally like taking a look at the region from Google Earth. The Greek island of Meis, Limanağzı Bay to the east, Çukurbağ peninsula to the west, the ancient theatre, numerous rock tombs, streets of Kaş and turquoise colours of the Med will all be lying under your feet. This 30 min flight will be an unforgettable part of your trip.There are 4  to 6 flights each day running every two hours.This is a tandem flight and a professional tandem pilot will be guiding from take off to land in. The flights only take place if the wind conditions are good enough.The pilots and the crew will take you from Kaş centre and transfer (20 min) you to the take off place above Kaş. This place has been specifically arranged for paragliders to take off. As all the companies are using the same take off point, you will be waiting for your turn.In the meantime, your pilot will give you a briefing about the flight and instruct you on what to do. After wearing the harness and making the final arrangements, you will be ready for the take off. Other than your pilot, there will be a take off crew helping you. With the instructions, you will start running and a few steps later before you even notice you will be in the air.The flight is quite stable and there are no acrobatic moves unless you ask the pilot to do so. Feel the wind through your body and let the mediterranean air take you. The views are truly stunning. Your pilot will be taking photographs of you should you want one.The flight ends as you land in the harbour of Kaş. This is a soft landing and there is no need to be afraid at all. The crew will also be helping you the second you put your feet on the ground.The whole activity takes about two hours.* Trainers or sport shoes* Shorts* Sunglasses* Camera* Water


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Maximum number of people : 20
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