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Aslar Tourism & Transportation

Aslar Tourism started its operations in the transportation sector in 1992 and started to operate in the field of tourism transportation in 2002. Aslar Tourism, which was established by Ali Süngülü, renews its investments every year with the equipment that meet the requirements of the day and the requirements of the sector.
The visitors had given their importance and the quality of service, it provides with 24/7 safe vehicle fleet and operation staff in Turkish Tourism field in Kaş-Kalkan town of Antalya province
Aslar Tourism, which has understanding the same discipline and reliability in the field of personnel transportation and student transportation services in addition to tourism transportation services; İt Continues the journey to provide safe and comfortable journey,from past to present, today to tomorrow with the principle of “time is important”

Our most important priority is making sure that our customers are experiencing safe and reliable services. Hence we provide high quality, professional services since 2002. We pride ourselves for our punctuality; all our airport transfers are guaranteed for on time picks up.
We are proud to announce our improved customer service with expanded fleet of vehicles and re-trained drivers to provide the best service for you.
We offer comfortable, reliable and affordable transfer service from/to Kaş, Kalkan, Patara, Antalya and Dalaman Airports. We provide child seats for your children free of charge to ensure their safety and comfort. All our drivers are well experienced trained and friendly.
Our airport transfer service takes the stresses and strains out of your travel, ensuring you arrive in comfort and on time operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
On collection from the airport, if there is early landing or delays in your flight do not worry, because we will monitor the flight landing time to ensure you will be picked up without any delay.

Lycia Road Transportation

The Lycian Way is one of the world’s great long-distance hiking trails, regularly featuring in top-10 lists for its unique combination of Mediterranean views, mountainous hinterland, Turkish culture and ancient ruins.

Its pull on the imagination is undeniable. The 540km waymarked footpath – typically a 29-day trek – follows the bulging outline of the Teke Peninsula between the tourist towns of Fethiye and Antalya. Along the way, it skirts the coast and climbs up into the rugged backcountry. This stretch of dramatic Mediterranean coastline, its beaches and vertiginous sea cliffs overlooked by the olive-grove-dotted foothills of the Western Taurus Mountains, where travellers can explore moss-covered chambers of history’s first proto-democratic union.

As Aslar Tourism, We offer daily or weekly tours for lycian way trekking group from Fethiye to Antalya, which are the beginning and ending of the route. We use vehicles with cappacity of from 7 up to 31 passengers and all our drivers has great knowledge of where each route starts and ends.

Where is KALKAN?

Kalkan, the world-famous seaside town of Turkey. Every year, it hosts hundreds of local and foreign tourists. The most important feature of Kalkan is, its sea and unique nature that impresses everyone who comes. The question of where is Kalkan is a question especially for those who want to visit this holiday town.

Kalkan is located in the west of Antalya. In fact, it is connected to Kaş district. Although it is a small town connected to Kaş, because of its natural beauties,  it has made its name as much as Kaş. The untouched nature and warm climate of the Mediterranean of this holiday town, impress tourists from both local and abroad.

How To Get To Kalkan?

You can reach Kalkan by choosing the airway or land route. Transportation in both ways has its own advantages. If you want your journey to end quickly, you can choose the airline. You do not have to worry about the vehicle when you use transportation by airas there are options of  car rental and private transfer.

You can also prefer transportation by land, If you want to have sightseeing on the way to Kalkan. The choice is entirely yours. Public transportation vehicles also put direct journey to Kalkan in summer period.

If you preferred the airline, the nearest airport to Kalkan is in Dalaman. After you arrive Dalaman, you can reach Kalkan individually by public transport or by renting a car from here.

What are the places to visit in Kalkan?

There is no need to worry about your accommodation when you reach Kalkan. Since it is a touristic town, you have the chance to find hotels or pensions in different prices, open all season. Rental villas in the region are also one of the suitable options. If you have sortout the transportation and accommodation, it is time to travel.

  • Beaches

Kalkan’s blue flag beaches are famous all over the world, they attract foreign tourists to our country. When it comes to places to visit, these beaches of Kalkan comes to mind at first. The magnificent sea, with its clean and clear waters, where you can see every shade of blue, will make your holiday unforgettable.

  • Patara Beach

It is a blue flag beach located in Kalkan, which is one of the longest beaches in the world. After coming to Kalkan, you should not return without visiting.

  • Ancient Cities

If you are curious about historical monuments and ancient cities, there are many places to visit in Kalkan. Phosphorus Cave, also known as the Blue Cave, is located within the borders of Kalkan and carries traces from the Lycian Civilization. It is among the places visited by tourists who come to the region. The ancient cities that must be seen in the region are Kyaenai, Isinda, Apollonia, Xantos and Istlada Ancient Cities.

  • Historical Bazaar

You can also browse the local products by visiting the historical bazaar of Kalkan, and buy gifts for yourself or your loved ones as a memory of your holiday.


How to go to Dalaman from Kalkan by Transfer?

Although Kalkan is connected to Antalya province, it is very close to Muğla. Due to its closeness to the Dalaman district of Muğla as a location,it would be reasonable to choose the flights that land at Dalaman Airportwhen you come by airline. The distance between Dalaman and Kalkan takes about 2 hours. Kalkan Dalaman Kalkan transfer companies provide transportation in the region with vehicles that consider your comfort.

There are various options to provide transportation between Dalaman Airport and Kalkan on your departure or return. One of these options is to choose the way of transfer. You can also research about transfer options while setting your accommodation in Kalkan. Transfer service can be obtained from any hotel or tour company. The choice of those who want to provide transportation comfortably is generally choose transfer. Dalaman Kalkan transfer option is a generally preferred method of transportation.

Especially for those who come to Kalkan as a family or with a crowded group of friends, the transfer option is quite logical. You can make your transfer comfortably and quickly by communicating with the hotel or tour company, which will also transfer when you travel from Kalkan to Dalaman.

Where is Dalaman?

Dalaman is a district of Muğla province. It is a holiday resort with a magnificent nature, located at the foot of the mountains that run parallel to Fethiye Bay. Since it is an airport, tourists can easily reach it. When we look at the location, Dalaman is located in the full crossing region of the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

One of the two international airports in Muğla is located in Dalaman. With its ease of transportation and natural beauty, it is a region chosen by both local and foreign tourists for the holiday. In addition, in order to go to the holiday resorts in the vicinity, it is necessary to first land at Dalaman Airport. If necessary, a transfer can be made from the airport to the town where tourists will go.

It can be considered as an intersection point as the way to reach the popular tourism regions such as Fethiye, Marmaris, Göcek, Kaş and Kalkan passes through Dalaman. It is 80 km away from the center of Mugla, 70 km from Fethiye and 105 km from Marmaris. Although it is a small district, it has become one of the important tourism regions because of  its location and airport.

What are the places to visit in Dalaman?

Dalaman has bays, which are indispensable for yacht tourism. Although most are known as Göcek Bay, they are actually located within the borders of Dalaman. Dalaman bays, where it is possible to see different shades of blue and green together, is one of the places to visit in the region. Some of the bays can be visited by boat tours, and both the sea and the unique historical textures in the bays can be examined.

  • Dalaman Stream

It is a pleasant and extraordinary alternative for those who do not want to come to the region and be limited to only the sea and the sun. Dalaman Stream, which provides the opportunity to go rafting, attracts great attention from tourists. Even if you don’t want to go rafting, you can go to the area where this stream is just to see it. You can taste fresh fish and seafood at the restaurants around the stream.

  • Sarigerme Beach

It is the most famous beach of Dalaman. It has a very wide and clean beach with a length of 7 km. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sea and sun. You can also spend your day here without ever leaving because of  the restaurants on the beach. Its local breakfast attracts those who want a different experience, and the woodland that starts right from the edge of the beach is truly fascinating. It is a great example of the combination of blue and green.

  • Dalaman Town center

From here you can easily shop and meet the friendliness of the local people of the Town. As it is a small town, it is one of the regions preferred by those who want to spend a peaceful and calm holiday. Having affordable hotel and restaurant options is another positive aspect of Dalaman.


How to Get Transportation Transfer from Dalaman to Kas?

Dalaman Airport is the most preferred airport for those who want to go to Kaş due to its proximity. Your journey between Dalaman and Kaş takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. You can choose various options in this journey.

Shuttle are the services that travel between Dalaman and Kaş at certain times. You can come across frequent trips in the summer, but with the decrease in the tourist density in the winter months, the service exit depends on the demand.

Transportation is more comfortable as the private transfer option also includes a welcome service. If transportation is provided by groups of friends, the private transfer option can be both comfortable and economical. Apart from these opportunities, transportation between Kaş and Dalaman can be provided by taxi or by renting a car.

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